Thuthukani Technologies has experience and competency in the development of Battery Energy Systems and Electrical Traction Systems. We are engaged in a number of on-going projects in the development of electronic vehicle traction systems, battery powered mining vehicles, zero emissions industrial and mining vehicles, vehicle battery systems and charging systems.

Our Offering

Thuthukani Technologies designs manufactures and integrates all necessary components for full electrical traction systems and high speed charging, including; all auxiliary systems, battery storage units, electrical propulsion including traction control and torque vectoring, cooling systems, electrical management, and distribution systems.

Battery Energy Systems
Electrical Traction Systems
High Speed Charging Units

Thuthukani Technologies implements the full integration of Lithium based battery systems including system integrating and testing. Advantages of implementing Lithium Ion technology include minimal maintenance, quick recharge time, no exposure to toxic chemicals, longer life cycle and increased efficiency.

The system that we have designed for electronic vehicles utilises a multi-wheel driven unit with independent steering and drive that enable the vehicles to operate on gradients in excess of 9 degrees. The battery and charging system is designed to reload the battery within two hours and to utilise opportunity charging to mitigate energy related risk.

We offer a cost effective means of high speed charging for on-board battery systems and ensure that our designs can integrate with manufacturer’s operating systems. We have developed a 250 kW high speed charging system and 25 kW Low Speed charging system for application with battery driven trackless mining machines. The charger provides both electrical and information systems support to mine shaft operations allowing the charging systems to be centrally controlled and monitored.

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Project Portfolio

Thuthukani Technologies designed and manufactured the traction, cooling, electrical, battery storage and charging systems for a 25 ton electric hauler with applications in the mining industry. The development of the system has led to breakthroughs in battery management and electric drive technology and in zero emissions mining technology. Subsequently the technology is now being applied in personnel transport systems and battery locomotives.

Thuthukani Technologies has implemented the integration of Lithium based battery systems for loco and dozer systems. Thuthukani designs, manufactures and supplies the on-board electrical system and on-board control systems as well as the battery systems for electric mining vehicles and carries out full system testing and integration.

Thuthukani Technologies consulted on and engineered the traction system for an 18 Man E-Shuttle low profile electric personnel transporter. We also designed, supplied and installed the battery Storage system along with designing and facilitating certification of the electrical system.

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